04) Laser treatment: How and who?


February 2nd 2016

How it works?

I choose a laser treatment as a way to removing my tattoo. As I’m no expert on laser treatments, I believe explaining how this works should be done by those who are. So here are some places you can find the information about the treatment itself:

1. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are many YouTube video’s out there about tattoo removing with laser treatments.

2. On Oakbrook you can find more information on laser treatments and tattoo removal in general.

3. When you look into the laser treatments, you will find that many different types of lasers are being used. The names “PicoWay”, “Yag laser”, “PicoSure”, “Q-switched” and “RevLite” laser popped up in my search. I advise you to ask your clinic what the differences are and which laser would work best for your specific tattoo.

4. Most clinics have general information (USA URL) on their website and some also collected their customers FAQ (Dutch URL) and answered them online. Often you will find images like these explaining the treatment and the effect of the laser;



Who does it?

Aside from the celebrities I mentioned in a previous article post, many people have their tattoo removed nowadays. You just don’t hear them talking about it in the office.
Naturally, in a world full of bloggers, I’m not the only one writing about this subject.
So I wanted to share some of the blogs I found;

1. Sarah is from the US and has been blogging about her treatments for a long time. Her blog gives a lot of insight on the long journey it might become and, sadly, also what can go wrong. I’m hoping she will update the latest development again soon.

2. J. has been writing from 2012 till the end of 2014. Her progress has been a great one to follow.

3. Carly shared her story with/for Cosmopolitan in one clear blog article in 2014. She was one of the first people I found online who had Lidocaine (an anesthetic) injected, instead of using a numbing cream. I don’t believe that is an option here in the Netherlands, however I’ve never asked..

With these personal stories, I feel the need to tell you I never had these (some more extreme) kinds of skin color changes, blisters or scarring (so far off course). I don’t know if that’s because of the new PicoWay laser, because of my very light skin tone or if it has other reasons. I do think it confirms again how careful you need to be with yourself and choose a clinic that treats and informs you well!

Also, some blogs are not privately owned, but written by clinics themselves, such as this one. Nothing wrong with that! But keep in mind their (sometimes very strong) opinions might be different because there is a marketing aspect behind it.

I haven’t found many people sharing experiences about tattoo removal with other treatments then a laser. I’m very curious to read about their journey and why they choose another method.

So if you have found them or are one yourself, let me know!