06) How I chickened out..


March 20th 2016

On October 27th 2015 I had my first laser treatment. Soon I will tell you what that was like. But it was also the second intake I had with Kliniek Veldhoven. I went there once before, in 2012. And even though I had nothing but positive things to say about them, I totally chickened out!

That year I visited two clinics in the Netherlands to orientate and find out which one was the best for me. I’d been reading about laser removal for 18 months by that time and I had concluded things such as;

  • That treatments more often then 8-10 weeks apart usually don’t increase the results, simply because your body cannot dispose of the ink more quickly. It might actually increase the risk of scarring and pigment changes, because you would be over-treating your body. So that when clinics say they will treat you every four weeks, they might just be trying to make more money off of you, instead of helping you finish the process sooner.
  • That not every tattoo could be removed by the same type of laser and with the same strength. That it would depend on the skin tone, tattoo colour, the ages of the tattoo and maybe even the type of ink. And that clinics telling you otherwise might once again only be trying to make more money, even if they may not have the best materials for your particular body art.

The first clinic I went to didn’t make me feel good at all. It was housed in a general office building with many other companies on an industrial terrain. Also, the employee of the clinic tried to convince me that the information I mentioned above was completely false. She would prefer treating me every 3-4 weeks with their YAG-laser. Also, she felt at least 20 sessions would be needed. Needless to say, I didn’t go there and walked out as fast as I could!

Kliniek Veldhoven was the second clinic I visited that year. In my previous blog article I wrote about the way they welcomed me and answered all my questions. Even if the answer wasn’t always as positive as I had hoped. (Such as; “Yes, it does hurt.” And “Yes, it will take you about 3 years to complete.”)
They gave me an offer for the price and said that 6-10 treatment (10 weeks apart) would hopefully do the trick. The reason I waited another 3 years to start was that I was afraid. For the pain, but also the fear of not succeeding. Or maybe having an extreme reacting to the laser and getting blisters.

Now that I finally started, I can tell you; I wish I started in 2012 so that I would be done by now. Because most of my fears were a waste of time… So far, I had no blisters or extreme reactions and the results after 2 treatments are much better than I had hoped for.