02) First things first… FAQ


September 20th 2015

Let’s start with the most obvious questions, to get them out of the way..

1. When did you get your tattoo’s?

Because sometimes you change your mind. I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old, a small triquetra on my right shoulder blade. I went to a local artist with a friend, who got a different design. I actually don’t regret getting it to this day. The personal connection I had to it still stands and I kept the design 2 years before I had it placed.

2. And now you regret them?

The second tattoo, covering my back from left to right shoulder and neck to bra-line, I got a few years later when I was living abroad.I didn’t regret the first one and had been looking for a second (bigger) design for years. So I never expected to feel about it the way I did after I had it done.The artist had made a sketch and included all the personal touches I had asked for. It was a professional, experienced artist and the store had a great reputation. The strange thing was, pretty much right after completion I wanted this ‘thing’ of my body. It just didn’t feel right and looking back I think I knew this in my gut before the first line had even been drawn. Not listening to that feeling was a huge mistake to make, and I made it. I kept telling myself it was just nerves, that it would look great and I was just afraid because I was going at it alone this time. It took over 8 hours to tattoo to black outlines and we would continue with the colors a week later, but I never returned.

Though tattoo removal is becoming more common these days, many people don’t regret them at all.That’s just not the case for me, so I decided to have it removed. And that’s when I decided, if the big tattoo has to go, they both go. Sometimes people choose to have it covered up instead of fully removed, like the girl in this story. I will show you both tattoo’s in an article soon.

3. Why not just leave it there?

It’s been almost 5 years since I got my large tattoo and it’s taken me all this time to try and find peace with it. And it’s still not there. I cover it up and feel embarrassed about it, I hide it from family member and don’t enjoy walking around in a bikini. Also, sometimes you need to dress up nice at formal events. I realized I was only focusing on finding an outfit that I would cover it up, instead of looking forward to the event. I would like wearing dresses I love again, not the ones that cover me up.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Feel free to ask me anything by leaving a comment below the blog posts and I will do my best to answer them for you!